The Groom & his Merry Men

Wow………….In early November, I married the adventurous and cheeky Englishman, David to his laid back Aussie girl, Zoe, at the picturesque MILLBROOK Winery, at Jarrahdale, just off South West Highway.  A match made in heaven, some would say.

 They were actually recommended to me by Michelle, their photographer, from Michelle Dean Photography,  she saying” I know just the Celebrant for you………………Victoria Wheeler”.  We connected instantly and I thoroughly enjoyed preparing their words for the ceremony and of, course the day itself.

 The weather threatened all day, (it was that sort of November).

 David was his usual “wise cracking” self on the day, although I could see he was  a little nervous as he and his band of merry men waited for the arrival of the Bride and Bridesmaids, 3 of which were the Bride’s, sisters. The sun came out as the Bride arrived, she looked beautiful, They promised to continue to be comrades in mischief, etc, etc,  and shortly after the ceremony, the rain did start, but knowing this couple nothing will have dampened their spirits and the celebrations would kick on for hours.  After all he is English!

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Finally married David & Zoe