I can ‘t believe it has been a bit over  a year when I presided over the wedding of Zane and Chelsea at her Uncle’s home in downtown Balingup in early November.

The weather had threated all week, and the rain came down in bucket loads in the morning  of the wedding day and still some as 2.00pm approached.  Helpers were still sweeping away the water on the back deck, (see photo) as the sun came out and Chelsea arrived.  We just got thru the ceremony and down she came again.

So you just never know when you choose a wedding day, even in this more predictable wide brown country, where they say that it only rains for 28 days a year, what the weather will be like. Even in November you cannot be too sure! The last couple of Novembers have been shockers and this year October was the shocker.

Chances are, heaven forbid, that January, February, March, you should be fine.

Sometimes it takes lots of prayer, pulling in favours from above, plain goddamn good luck, sometimes, even good management and sometimes just the “luck of the drawer”.  Who knows, but when you are setting that date, have  a serious think about it, so that you can pretty much take out at least one of the variables on the most important day of your life.

Balingup - Zane & Cjelsea - 10112012

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