I married Leigh and Tracey at the delightful Joondalup Resort, off freeway north on a fairly hot May day. 

Our couple’s marriage was perhaps a “work in progress, after being together for some 11 years………….They met, in Port Hedland, where Tracey had moved to with her family and had, at the time, thought her life was over, having thought she had come to the “end of the  earth”.  Little was she  to know  she would meet someone there that would turn out to be the “love of her life, of course…Leigh”! Back then Leigh was a bit shy and it took him a little while to make the first move, but in hindsight he is very glad he did.

The proposal  of marriage came about in October 2009  – the sun was setting, the birds were singing, a perfect Yallingup Day, on a perfect deserted Yallingup Beach…well now that you have this in mind, this is how it was supposed to go!  Despite Leigh’s best efforts things went down a little differently that day.  But, somehow after letting nerves get the better of him over Tracey taking too long to eat a muffin, the timing of the sunset, getting drenched by a rogue wave and digging out a bogged 4 wheel drive, Leigh finally got his chance and popped the question. It wasn’t text book, but they say they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Had a slow day with the camera, so forgive me please, photo not great, although I can see that gorgeous, funky photographer Rob Watson, from Selected Impressions photography, directing traffic. Lucky I make a much better Celebrant, than a photographer.

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