I married the very mild mannered Darryl to the vivacious and down to earth Lisa at the Swan Shell at Crown Casino.

They met initially, as colleagues at work, and soon discovered that a great chemistry existed between them. Neither of them were  necessarily  going to rush into matters of the heart without a bit of thought and so  they entered into their relationship knowing what they wanted in a partner and not being afraid to say so and be very honest and upfront.

For Lisa, when Darryl came to pick her up for their first date and brought flowers she knew he was special and he has only continued to impress her the more time they have spent together. She found him to be one of the good guys of the world, and almost perfect.  

Darryl was immediately attracted to Lisa’s confidence in herself and her sense of humour. Darryl tells me he admires Lisa’s strong, independent, organised and structured outlook on life, but he also loves the soft and compassionate gestures that make him feel loved.  He admired her because she is passionate, self assured and has a strong personality. That she is beautiful and smart, too, was never missed by Darryl.

As was their want, they had a quiet intimate ceremony witnesed by some 40 odd family and friends.

Swan Shell - Darryl & Lisa - 030313

The Swan Shell - Darryl & Lisa -

Thanks to the genorosity of photographer Kim Grubb, for this photo of my good self while waiting for the Bride to arrive.

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