I married Terry & Simone , on the headland at the Ocean Reef Sea & Sports Club on  a sunny Easter Saturday 2011.

How did their  love story between this very laid back and fun couple begin.  I can tell you that Mr & Mrs Independence AKA,  Terry and  Simone,  both looking for a sea change and perhaps some adventure had both made their way to the middle of Australia to work, from different states of Australia,  Terry, masquerading  as a tour guide and Simone,  a Supervisor at the local supermarket. This is where they interestingly met, as neighbours in the Yulara Resort.  

Simone would say, that even though he comes over as the quintessential Aussie bloke, it was his shyness that appealed to her, or perhaps the challenge,  his sense of fun,  and his generosity of spirit. He had a terrific dry down to earth sense of humour and strength of will, all at the same time. Simone will never, ever, die wondering, as many of you may know,  he is nothing but forthright. Simone liked that he had his passions in life, one of those being the St Kilda Football Club, however misguided he may have been.  Most of all, Terry has become her rock. He gives her strength, hope and encourages her sense of adventure, which sometimes gets her into trouble, too………which she likes, at least, most of the time.

 Terry was first drawn to Simone’s smile and cheeky way she goes through life. From the moment they met she was open and friendly and he was quite taken with this girl, even though he was not necessarily looking for love . No namby-pamby girl for him, he says! He loves that they enjoy many of the same things in life,  like relaxing with a cold drink  on a hot summer’s day, camping, and a relaxed laid back lifestyle. Since then, she was able to talk him into coming back to the West with her where she  provides a warm and loving home for him, where he can be himself and he feels fortunate that he has found such a devoted “mate”. 

On the headland @ Ocean Reef

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"The boys"

For a wedding Celebrant in Perth, or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler