It always amazes me that couples from  vastly different countries meet and fall in love.  Such is the case with Stuart and Savannah.  Savannah was born here in Perth, her parents  were born in the Netherlands while Stuart was born and raised in Scotland. So, a real mix of cultures! And Sav wasn’t desperately looking for love, but found herself with a ready made family and she has done it beautifully.  Indicative of her lovely inclusive nature, I would say.

And 3 years after meeting her sexy Scot, they married at Matilda Bay Foreshore in Nedlands, in front of family and friends. 

Stuart said he was immediately attracted to Savannah’s infectious smile and cheeky sense of humour, he also tells me that he loves and admires Savannah because she’s a considerate and an affectionate partner, his best friend and soul mate. She’s a spirited and straight forward sort of girl, who at times can be strong-minded but at the same time shy and compassionate which he finds endearing, and it is important to him to be with a woman as brilliantly individual as her. He loves her for accepting him for who he is without reservation and for her gorgeous natural good looks. 

 Savannah soon realised that Stuart was a wee bit different to the average man. He came across as a little cheeky, fun loving and a confident individual.  He is a man who is extremely kind, tender and generous. She admires what a great Dad he is tohis kids and it is thanks to the above attributes and of course, the fact that he always makes her laugh and his devilishly handsome good looks, as well, that struck Savannah right from the start! Not to mention that gorgeous sexy accent!!