Mr & Mrs

I married Simone and Gavin at the picturesque Heathcote Reserve on a nice Perth day. Probably a couple who were reluctant marriers…………….as they don’t like all the fuss, but we got there.

They met many years ago and although at the time their lives took different paths, over the years they often crossed paths until finally, little by little, email by email, phone call by phone call and date by date, their friendship turned into love.  And I can tell you, that they learned that falling in love with another person and getting to know them is a little akin to the exploration of a wild and a lovely place.  I think most of us here could relate to that!  And feeling so lucky to have met each other, they very quickly realised that all they wanted was to be together and that they could not imagine life without the other.

Best wishes…….

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