I married Shannon and Trent at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens, situated at the end of the Mitchell Freeway on Wanneroo Road,  on just another…………. hot Perth day in January, 2011. It was my  very first experience  at this particular  venue,  and it was quite lovely. Shannon and Trent  met some 2 and a half years ago (through mutual friends, ) and on a special moment on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 2010, they went to their favourite park with their new little  son, Bailey,  to feed the ducks and then while he napped in his pram, over a bottle of wine,  at sunset, Trent proposed.  Very romantic. The rest is history, they were  here today, saying why they love each other so much, and committing to each other in marriage.

As you can see the Bride looked very beautiful, and with doves, from “Doves of Love”,  being the “denouemont”,  of the day, it all proved to be  another great wedding ceremony. Helen from Sweethearts, who I often see around the traps, helped me out with these happy snaps, so thank you so much, Helen for that and your beautiful,  “set up”.

Waiting for the Bride

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The very handsome B & G