I married Willem and Sarah at the lovely Peel Manor House, in Karnup, just of the southern end of the Kwinana Freeway, on May Day, 2011.  May 1st – traditionally a day of welcoming new beginnings, new growth and rejuvenation, and so for them it was every bit that.

 And I suppose you are dying to know how they met?  Of course you are………..and I can tell you, that they met at  “band camp” way back in 1999, (for most Kiwis this would be quite funny, I understand)

Sarah arriving with her Mum

where Sarah thought “he’s a bit of alright!”. With Willem wearing a kilt at the time, she also wondered who was going to wear the pants in the relationship! And so, they met, and with a flourish of drumsticks and the help of a few vodka jellies, they sealed their relationship and their life destinies. They learned that falling in love with another person and getting to know them is a little akin to the exploration of a wild and wonderful place, into the bargain. And on a pure and sentimental moment in London, on Xmas Day, 2005, Willem proposed. And, I am happy to say that Sarah, said, yeh!

And since then, like any normal intelligent Kiwis, they took a leap of faith and moved here to Oz, the best idea that they have ever had, and of course, have made their home in Secret Harbour, with their dog, Lucy – they couldn’t be happier! 

Sarah was to me, the most unlikely of formal brides but she did the full bit………..veile, dress and the rest………..she looked lovely.

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