I married Rachael and James at the delightful Harold Boas Gardens on a gorgeous and sunny April day in 2011.  James and Rachael met and even dated some eight years ago ……….when they were teenagers………..”where they just clicked”.   But the universe sometimes has its own plans for us, and they went their own ways for a few years and then serendipitously met up again, (thru the wonders of technology and Facebook) a couple of years ago, where there “remained that same click”. I can tell you that Rachael’s family and friends have just sat back and watched as she reunited with her soul mate in James,  which has just been wonderful.  And looking at James’s,  family and mates today, with such big smiles of happiness, today,  it was  just terrific for him, too and for me to be part of that.

 Ultimately, they promised to share the joys, the adventures, the fun and the challenges of life that come with being married.

The Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler on the job

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James & Rachael