Sharon arriving with her best friend, her Mum, Sharon

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I travelled to the wheatbelt town of Narrogin, some 3 hours from Perth to marry Owain and Sharon. I had married Sharon’s Mum, Amanda and her new husband Greg, 6 years ago, so I was really thrilled to be asked back. I must have behaved myself, obviously. Again, they married in Amanda and Greg’s lovely garden, by the pool.

They met 4 odd years ago back in 2008, very briefly, when sparks flew and Sharon got a bit of a twinkle in her eye, but Owain was a bit slow off the mark. Then after a chance encounter at the “Duke”, that’s the “local”, in Narrogin, they found each other on Facebook, got chatting, and after a few dates they went Facebook official on the 4th March, 2009. The strongest connection was made that night and they both knew even at that early stage that they wanted this person in their life one way or another. Dare I say it, they fell in love. And then when, Owain was transferred to the tiny town of Cranbrook, with his work, it didn’t take Sharon long to decide that she wanted to go with him. And look, my view on these sorts of challenges is, that what does not kill you, can only make you stronger. Mind you it has been difficult for Sharon, “with no shops”, though I suspect that most of us urbanites, may feel that way, too. It is fairly safe to say, that, their relationship has had the opportunity to mature and evolve over the last couple of years but it wasn’t long before they realised that they had perhaps, just met their perfect match. And on a pure and special moment along the way, in a “one off”, romantic gesture, Owain proposed to Sharon at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on guess what, …………… their 2nd anniversary, on 4 March 2011. I guess it is a long way to fall, if she said “no”. But in any event, she did say, yes, and the reason why you are reading this blog and viewing their photos.

Best wishes for a long and happy married life, you two!

Now Mr & Mrs

For a weddingCelebrant in Perth“, or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler