Photo: Oh, no, had a wedding of a more mature couple, Kath & Scott at South of Perth Yacht Club and while we were waiting, it was a little breezy, and I had made sure that the decorative Certificate would not end up in the drink, but had not counted on the wind to whip up and blow my couple's Certificate of Marriage, that was safely, (I thought) in my Marriage Register and just the legal doc I send to the department, into the damn Canning River............#$%&*()@ SHIT, I think I went into the water and proceeded to float for a bit, but float out further.  The Best Man, took off his shoes to try and retrieve it but it went out too far, and finally sunk..........we could see it just not retreive it.  So, I live up the road, had 10 or so minutes to spare and had to go home and get anothery.............How stressful.........and funny was to prove it

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