Balloons & All

On a lovely sunny day  Jay’s many family travelled all the way from India, including his much loved Dad, who is a Doctor over there, to attend the marriage of his son to Monica.

The beautiful thing about love is that it is an experience we share with all peoples throughout the world.  Love can happen anywhere, there are no boundaries and as Jay and Monica started their life journeys’, respectively in India and here in Perth, I imagine they had no idea that their destiny would find them here today, in Perth, together, marrying each other.    

 And sometimes love taps you on the shoulder in the most mysterious of ways and often it is just a “chance encounter”, “a lucky break” or a “happy accident” that you meet that one special person in your life.  And such was the case , where these two beautiful young people met only a short amount of time agao,  18 months, where they fell madly in love with each other.  They have certainly leant that falling in love is akin to the exploration of a wild, yet lovely place.

 So what attracted them! Jay tells me that he was attracted to Monica’s, beautiful blue eyes.  He quickly found that she had a taste for the cheeky and unconventional side of life.  Her sense of adventure ensured that there was always fun and a giggle to be had. In the fullness of time, Jay found that Monica is a loving, understanding and affectionate partner.  And while she did display maturity beyond her years in some areas of her life, Jay could also see that some of his life coaching skills may come in handy from time to time. She is a good listener and has a caring nature to everyone and all things. And of, course, that Monica, was a beautiful looking woman and still is, was never missed by Jay!

 And Monica would say of Jay that he was a loving and compassionate man who was always up for adventure and a few laughs as he had a quirky sense of humour. While he was comfortable and confident he also appreciated the simple things in life and did not take himself too seriously. He has his passions; one being the dedication to his work, and, of course……….the other passion, being, his soon to-be-wife. He is creative and often competitive in whatever he pursues. As a man and partner he is supportive, loving, generous and loyal, and one, who finds sanctuary at home. And of, course Jay’s handsome good looks and charm to match were never, ever lost on Monica.

Best wishes for  a long and happy marriage.  

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