On a perfect autumn day, St Patrick’s Day, in fact, on the headland at Heathcote, in Applecross,  I married Anthony  and Mindy.  And what more can a Bride and Groom ask for, than, to have their dream wedding – albeit, elegant, yet, real and relaxed, with some fun,  in the sunshine with the backdrop of the Canning River in the background. Awesome!

heathcote wedding

 The couple’s wish on this day was,  as they marry, to do it in their own indomitable fashion,  by making their own personal commitment  to spending the rest of their lives together, among their  closest family and friends.

Anthony and Mindy found love back in November 2002, some 9 years ago.  Mindy grew up in Como, so it was probably inevitable that she may meet her future life partner at the infamous Windsor Hotel, because that was the local at the time.  And so they met at what used to be called,  “Sluggers, ”  Bar, which no longer exists. So interesting times for them back then! 

They have navigated their way from being teenagers into adults over those nine years and now they find themselves here marrying each other. Best wishes Mr & Mrs Smith.


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