I married my daughter Sarah-Jayne’s friends, Michelle and Rob at Bridgeleigh Reception Centre, which is situated just off the Ocean Reef exit in Wanneroo.  One of my very best little secret venues in Perth, I have to say.

Rob was born in England,  Michelle was born in Scotland, and they meet,  remarkably, in WA,  12,000 miles away from their homelands, some 30 something years later. Being the adventurous soul he is, Rob left the UK back in 1998 and after spending time back packing around Australia he decided to make a new life down under, …………….“he couldn’t resist the Aussie lifestyle”. Michelle had emigrated with her parents as an 11 year old.  And the remarkability continues when they met on the internet, and after chatting, they decided to meet for a coffee at Scarborough Beach for what was supposed to be a quick drink but lasted until the wee hours of the morning. It is safe to say that Rob absolutely got an inkling he was in trouble, right there!    

A couple of years down the track and a proposal of marriage, there is no doubt they are the perfect match ……  Mind you neither of them is perfect………..just perfect for each other.

Bridgeleigh - Rob & Michelle.4 - 08122012


Bridgeleigh - Rob & Michelle - 08122012

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