Mark & Melissa chose the lower lawn at the gorgeous Cottesloe Civic Centre, overlooking the famous Indian Ocean to hold their wedding ceremony. Blue skies, azure blue water………..just gorgeous!

So, how did this couple get together?  Well, a fairly long time, (some 12 years ago) as they were high school sweethearts and that has not changed…………they are still sweethearts…………………just,  I suspect, their world has changed just a wee bit. So, a bit of a work in progress, you’d have to say. And  a very family orientated wedding, including their little boy Taj.

And as in most weddings, the best laid plans of mice and men, a couple of things tripped them up. Literally, as one of the bridesmaids was carrying Taj down a big set of steps, she tripped and little Taj fell down the stairs but was not too hurt.  And Uncle Warren and Aunty Wendy,  very accomplished singers from Melbourne were going to sing as the bride walked up the aisle, but Uncle Warren started getting a sore throat the night before and by the time the wedding ceremony rolled around he could hardly talk, let alone sing.

But the show must go on, so we finally got these two married, which was the main thing. and they are now Mr & Mrs.

We got there- Mr & Mrs

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