The view - imagine what it was like at night with the lanterns sparkling

Take a look at this venue. You probably could not have paid enough for the above venue that Steve and Mel had for their wedding day.  Situated on the canals in South Yunderup, at their Nonna Doris’s lovely home, they could not have wished for a better place to marry.  Mel arrived with her much loved Dad, Wally, courtesy of a friends  canal boat, (nearly arrived at the wrong jetty), and the ceremony was held on a newly made jetty Wally had organised. Our couple met some eight years ago, while Mel was on a northern hemisphere jaunt around Europe and the UK, in Barcelona, in Spain, where Steve was living the life of Riley on board a yacht as an marine engineer. But their biggest adventure has been the birth of their beautiful blue eyed two year little girl Maycee, who they love to bits, and of course she was there as a flower girl.  Steve’s parents and family jetted in from the UK and a jolly good time was had by everyone.  As a Celebrant, we are sometimes, put in to some pretty tricky places, and while, you would think, a jetty would not necessarily be  a problem, I can tell you I got  a bit wobbly on my feet on the jetty…………..just motion sickness I think, but I did survive to see another wedding the next week.  I have to say, it was a rather odd feeling!

We Three

One lovely couple,  one beautiful little girl and lovely families!  I hope you celebrate “life together forevermore”. 

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