Nathan & Megan - Wedding Ceremony

Nathan and Megan first met some 10 and a half years ago, when they were 21 and 20 respectively, and so this wedding has been a bit of a “work in progress”……………………but as the saying goes , “in life, …………. timing is everything”. And I can say, that there is  often, never a right time, but what I like about this couple is that they have never got sucked into, the “boy meets girl, fall in love thing, oh, we must get married”, mainly because they both decided together early on, that they would sooner live their life to its absolute fullest while they were young,  vibrant and full of mischief, before finally settling down and perhaps taking on the rigors of getting married, being married and having children.  And basically that means that they decided to have lot and lots of fun first, which they have done!

And what a beautiful bride, our “pocket-rocket”, Bride, Megan made………..totally stunning, while her 3 Bridesmaids, also looked lovely in a turqoisy green while Nathan looked cool, assisted by his very interesting groomsmen.

I had a great time being their Celebrant and it was a privilege for me to be their Celebrant.

The Bride and the Celebrant Victoria Wheeler

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