Sometimes in life, you meet people who are slightly more eccentric or crazy than oneself.  Such is the case when I met Nino, and to a lesser extent Liz.  After a second go at getting married, I officially and finally got them married at Matilda Bay Reserve, in front of their extended families.

They arrived together,“hand in hand”, to that beautiful tune, “Islands in the Stream”, by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Not surprising at all.

So, let’s cut back to New Year’s Eve, 2009, where they were having a good time with their friends, Larry and Lisa,  when Nino finally decided that the time was right to propose to Liz.  And he proposed in front of all their kids, and friends, although he had, “on the quiet”, asked all their kids, “what do ya think”, beforehand, and had the engagement ring ready as well. Not bad work for a a very not sensitive bloke like Nino!

But nevertheless, they finally got the job done.

Matilda Bar - Nino & Liz - 230213

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