Matt & Lucinda, who currently live in at Uluru, working at the Yulara Resort there, chose to marry  on the headland at the Ocean Reef Sports Club, in WA with me as their Celebrant. And no accident that they chose St Pat’s Day to marry, as they both have a huge dose of fun and humour.

Love can happen anywhere! I imagine that neither Matt nor Lucinda had any idea that their paths would lead them to this beautiful spot, even more so if you consider how different their backgrounds are. Lucinda was born on the beautiful island of Mauritius, while Matt was born around the beaches of Sydney & raised, for the most part in the Hills District around Sydney. So, a real mix of cultures! And now, at least for the short term they live in Ayers Rock, in the middle of Australia, miles away from anywhere.  That said,  I do understand it is exciting, too!

 Matt and Lucinda met some just over 3 years ago,  and in the ways that count they have already made their commitment to each other. The time here today is now right for them to make public their desire to love and care for each other for the rest of their lives,, in marriage,  which they did. Lucinda was given away by her much loved brother, and Mat’s young son,  Zach, was the ring bearer.

Lucinda arriving with brother

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As the sun sets over the Indian Ocean

And as the sun set over the Indian ocean they became, husband and wife.

Best wishes!