I married the delightful young couple, Kylie & Kris,  in March 2011 at Brookleigh Estate, just off Great Northern Highway in Upper Swan, and I cannot tell how much I enjoyed the whole process of them finding me on the net, our meet and greet, through the development of their ceremony, to rehearsal and finally, their big day.  They were so easy to work with, and if that is the approach that they take in marriage, I have no doubt their marriage will be very successful.

Marriage for Kylie and Kris is a promise to create a home for each other in every possible way. To be the centre of each others’ physical, emotional and spiritual life. To create a loving space to nurture their future children and invite their family and friends into, as well.  

And sometimes, love turns up in the most mysterious of ways and often it is just a “chance encounter” that you meet that one special person in your life.  And one of those “chance encounters” may have just been in June 2005, when “Kris met Kylie”. Let’s just call it destiny, perhaps!  Before they knew it they had become inseparable and on a pure and special moment in April 2009, Kris proposed to Kylie in the traditional manner, on one knee, with a beautiful diamond engagement ring while watching the sunset on Jimbarian Bay, in  Bali.

And, so my very best wishes to you two, for a very long and happy marriage.

Kylie & Kris in the gazebo at Brookleigh

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