Sometimes the opportunity of doing a different style of wedding ceremony comes across my desk. Such is the case for the wedding ceremony of Brett & Kirsty, where the couple asked if, Kirsty’s mother, Christine, could marry them, and in essence, be  a “Civil Wedding Celebrant just for  a Day”. Under Section 46 of the Marriage Act, 1961,  this can be done, providing the authorised Celebrant on the day is in attendance and can hear the legal vow of the Bride and Groom, sign the relevant legal documents and send them to the Birth Deaths & Marriages Department to legally register the marriage, and to also present the Celebrant Authority, which is the legal requirement of the Celebrant to any civil wedding ceremony.

Being a Celebrant for a Day, probably looks easy but it isn’t.  The couple wanted to write their own words, (which you can do aside from the Celebrant Authority and the legal vow), so I gave them a framework from which to work from.  Christine is a person who had done lots of writing, presenting and had a large sense of humour and a gregarious personality, which means she was well placed to do the job. And she did well, although, one could sit back and see a few mistakes but overall, a job well done.

Brett & Kirsty married at the Kidogo Arthouse Centre, which is  located at the water’s edge at Bathers Beach in Fremantle, Western Australia.
It started its life as a dangerous-goods store for the storage of kerosene and constructed in 1884, and  is now an independent art centre.  It has been restored by the City of Fremantle in recent times and now looks an absolute treat. For more information,  contact,


Photo courtesy of Kidogo Arthouse Centre.

In my professional view it was  a bit small for the number of guests that were present, (we were squashed in like sardines a bit), but that was how they wanted it.  As Celebrants, we can give well thought out and experienced advice but that does not mean that brides and grooms will take it.  And they don’t have to, either, providing that we,  as Celebrants cover the legal requirements, couples can pretty much do what they like.

If you would like more information or advice on how to get married,  for a wedding Celebrant in Perth please contact Victoria Wheeler, as more than happy to help.