The Signing

On the day that Katherine and Matt married, at the Hidden Gardens of Caversham House, back in March 2011, I had left my camera in the car.  And for those who know the venue fairly well, there are  humungous amounts of stairs to climb up and down, so I decided to leave it at that, and not blog on this occasion.  And to my delight I recently received a couple of very nice photos of them, so here is their blog.

Just a young couple who have actually done a lot, together, Katherine in their early days, did a European trip, and Matt was able to catch her up on the Irish leg…………..where he proposed, and of course, the lovely and intelligent  Katherine said yes. And since then they have bought their first home…………….where they are now known as the “Winchesters from Winchester Way>  How cool is that.

 From memory their wedding day went very well, there were no probs, the weather was fine, everyone performed their jobs impeccably and just another day in the life of the Perth Wedding Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler.

Best wishes to our couple for  a long and happy marriage.

Their Thank You card and very dapper indeed!
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