To say that we were not concerned about the force of the Fremantle Doctor at this headland venue on the Swan River, at Dalkeith,  in the City of Nedlands, was an understatement, but while there was a little bit of wind, the sun shined for Michael and Karen on this special Easter Saturday in April, 2010, as they took their vows in marriage.

Karen, a beautiful young lady without all the trappings of a wedding dress and makeover, couldn’t hide her excitement at finally marrying, her much loved husband Michael. Traditionally, they promised to have and to hold, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health and their friend Molly, provided a blessing about Friendship, which outlined how it all started for our couple.

Their nephews, Ben, Jack and Blake assisted with providing the wedding rings for the day.

And another opportunity for me to work with my favourite male photographer in Peter Dancewicz from AbsoluteandAlive Photography….thanks Pete!

Another great couple who I have great respect and love for and who I know will be together for ever.

Pete has promised me he will provide some photos……………..thanks Pete, in due course!

Best wishes guys.