Another wedding for me out at the wonderful Caversham House, funnily enough in downtown, Caversham, for an Easter Bride and Groom.  Weather was fine.  The bride, Bridie, “pardon the pun”,  looking beautiful, as I suspected, arrived with her lovely Dad, and three beautiful bridesmaids in “coral”, aboard a 30 foot launch at the jetty below Caversham House.  That was the start of a “fairytale”, day for them.  Laid back, Jonathan, was waiting on the steps of the Hidden Gardens, with his three merry, men.

Waiting in the wings to say a few words, was Bridie’s 15 year old brother, Denham,who gave the blessing for the day, took my breath away, with his voice, enunciation and charisma.  An honest Politician in the making and a beautiful addition to our couple’s wedding day.

As a Celebrant, you get to say some nice things about our couple, they exchange their vows and their wedding rings and all too quickly, in this case, they were pronounced, Mr & Mrs.

My best wishes, Mr & Mrs, along with your little Jackson,  for a long and very happy married life.

Caversham House - Jonathan & Bridie - 040410

Caversham House - Johnathan & Bride002 - 040410

Caversham House resplendent as usual!

Caversham House resplendent as usual!