Our couple Johnno & Stef, both musicians, very theatrical and creative,  may have taken a couple of tries to finally be married, but they did not disappoint and certainly their wedding day had that……….. WOW factor, as you can tell by the photos.  And very much the focus was on our Bride.

With a theme of an exotic bird, as you can see by the bridesmaid’ dresses, the 4 bridesmaids were in black, with delightful leg and armlet accessories that were physically made by one of the bridesmaids.  I have never seen anything so gorgeous.  Of course it was not for everybody, but I was very impressed.

As far as the laid back Johnno was concerned, he was dressed in a modern suit, accompanied by his Best Man and 4 merry men.

Unusually for them, the ceremony for them was brief  and straight to the point.

They were last seen heading to Fiji for their honeymoon, after missing their first plane because they did not wake up in time after a huge wedding night.

The exotic Bride

The exotic Bride