I had the chance to marry a couple, John and Cass, back in ????????? at the Roundhouse in Freo, and I have just received their photos.

While very happy to be finally “tieing the knot”, they are both quite private people and don’t especially like making a fuss,  although you would not think so, when you see the clobber they wore for their wedding.

 For me, it was very interesting standing on the bridge (sort of), cannon to the side,  of the roundhouse, looking out into the Indian Ocean as it was a first for me at that particular venue. I felt like I had been taken back in to the time of WA’s swashbuckling colonisation and pirate eras, and any minute I may, just have to “walk the plank”.

 I understand the groom and his merry men, bought their gear off the internet which I thought suited him and his troupe very well.

 And Cass, although still a modern bride, with purple inserts in her dress,  she was ably assisted by her hand maidens who were in a very pretty mauve, all of which contrasted  beautifully with John’s outfit.  So, a perfect match, some might say!  Pardon the pun!

 Not bad a for a couple who didn’t like to make  a fuss, eh.

 Thanks for the photos, guys, they are great and you should be very proud of what you achieved.  Something a little” off centre”, but basically it was you 2 to a T.

The Roundhouse - John & Cass.2

The Roundhouse - John & Cass.1

The Roundhouse - John & Cass