Jess and Chad accidently met 5 years ago through mutual friends.  Perhaps it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, but certainly a slow smoulder, because with Jess living and working in Perth and Chad on the farm in Kukerin,  it was always going to take a little time to develop. But little by little, phone call by phone call, and intermittent  trips for them to Kukerin,  or Perth, which I hasten to add,  is a 7 hour turn around, it is safe to say they became very keen on each other…………..and fell in love. And finally, 18 months later, Jess decided she would give the Kukerin life, “a go”!  And she settled in beautifully, enjoying the freedom and fresh air of the country, working and getting involved in the community and sporting activities. And of course, she said “yes”, when Chad proposed.

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