Arrival of the Bride

I was lucky enough to marry my daughter Sarah’s lovely friend Jane and her husband Trent at the pretty Swan Shell area of the Burswood Casino.

It was hot……….nothing new about that.  A quite nervous (she is quite shy really) but stunning Jane arrived on the arm of Jeff to join her cheeky and confident  husband Trent. Her Mum’s friend, Betty,  arranged all the floral arrangements and did a great job.

So, how did the young girl, Jane,  born in New Zealand meet he love of her life? Her lucky break  came in the form of Jane’s mother Audrey, who had known Trent for some time.  Having always preferred women’s company, Trent was lamenting to Audrey the lack of suitable suitors, and said, “come on Audrey, you have 3 daughters…….introduce me to at least one of them”. And so, it went from them  meeting, a few dates, telephone calls and emails…………….and  all of  a sudden  they both knew even  then, that they wanted this person in their life one way or another.  Dare I say it, they fell in love.

 And then when, Trent was transferred to far north Western Australia for his work, it didn’t take Jane long to decide that she wanted to go with him. And little would this Kiwi girl have known that she would end up in outback Kununurra, at least for the next little while. And look, my view on these sorts of challenges is that what does not kill you, can only make you stronger.  And from all reports they have both settled in beautifully, joining social groups, and both mixing in with the locals and community. My very best wishes to you and good luck to you both!

Under the Swan Shell at Burswood

Perth Wedding Celebrant Victoria Wheeler with daughter Sarah-Jayne at Jane & Trent's wedding

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