At Heathcote Reserve, at Applecross, overlooking the Canning River I married the Englishman,  James to the Aussie girl Bronwyn, who both now reside in London.  Primed as a fairly low key, relaxed and very informal, but still an elegant and intimate Ceremony, it was all that and more. Usually, I hear from couples, say 6 to 12 months out from their wedding date, but on this occasion we had been liaising for something like 24 months, so I did get to know them a lot more than I would normally.  40% of people meet their future life partners at weddings, so I am told, so it was a pretty good bet that James and Bronwyn may meet at a wedding.  And they did, back in 2006, in London.   Bronwyn was the only Australian at the wedding and combined with her beautiful looks, and extroverted Aussie nature, she very much stood out from perhaps the predominantly, traditional English guests.  And their wedding could not have been less traditional………….she wore a beautiful, Gucci gown, in a geometric design of yellow, grey and autumn tones, (no white frock for this gal),  and the ceremony certainly was not traditional at all.  She was walked down the aisle by a lovely friend in Glen Tully, the legal bits were done and then they partied away the night, at the Blue Water Grill.  I think they went to the cricket the next day at the WACA as Australia v England is part of their lifestyle and banter.

Best wishes to you both. You are both really lovely people and together an all class act.

The Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler with the B & G and family

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