Who knows when the “love of your life” arrives in your life! I am always amazed at the stories I get told! Probably too much information at times, but I guess that just shows you the type of Celebrant that I am, in that, they feel free to share their lives with someone, “that they have never met before”.

None of us know that! But the short story on this occasion, is that our couple, had met 6 years prior, when they each worked at competing take-away food establishments, right next to each other. Apparently, because Jon did delivery, Kate got to get a good look at him often, (without his knowledge I suspect), and was very impressed by, “his guns”, to start with. And once Jon did get the chance to notice Kate, he thought she had, “a nice butt”. Now, not sure if that is how it all should start……………but, it did, and then Kate ended up working in the same Chinese Restaurant, and dare I say it, they fell in love, right there!

victoria wheeler