Red Bridesmaids – ooh la la

Marrying my English husband John has certainly given me a more global look of the world.  I recently married young Helen and Mark, who came out to visit their English friend Simon(who I had married to his Aussie wife, Ali,  some 4 years ago) fell in love with Perth and consequently emigrated.  I have always felt that this is a hugely courageous thing to do for anyone. They chose to come here looking for a better lifestyle and that is exactly what they have.  Sure, the process hasn’t always been a barrel of laughs and a few setbacks have been put in their way.  But you know at the end of the day, that is all behind them and they now look forward to being married and spending the rest of their lives together here in Perth, Australia.

Their relationship began 6 years ago when they first met. Their wedding ceremony gave a public voice to their “love story” and to their private experience.  While they both might say it wasn’t necessarily   “love at first sight”, there was an instant attraction and a physical chemistry between them. For the record, Mark and Helen both grew up in the same part of Swindon, eventually met in the Brunnel Rooms. And while that does not mean anything to us Aussies, to most POMS , you will know exactly where that is. 

The Bride arrives on the arm of her Dad

A lovely young couple.  I wish all the best that Australia can give you.

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