Scottish by heritage , many a year or two ago, I was very pleased and thrilled to marry, Gregor, a Scottish lad, to his Aussie wife, Jae.  Jae met Gregor, while he was on a extended holiday here in Perth and followed the Edinburgh boy,  back to his homeland, where she overstayed for some 3 years……until they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of  their lives, here in Oz, and so Gregor emigated.

The Bells of St Martin-of-the Fields, rung over the Swan River as they married.

It was an absolute  pleasure to meet, Gregor’s Mum and Dad, Richard and Margaret and his brother, Russell and best mate from Scotland, Craig. Margaret, as it happens, had had an unfortunate accident and broke her leg some 6 weeks before the wedding, but she was never going to miss her son’s wedding, and even with calipers, she looked extremely fabulous and made the most of the Mother of the Groom, under the circumstances.

Of course, Gregor, and his merry men, and his Dad were all dressed in the national dress of his homeland, “the kilt”, and looked fabulous, too.

Jae, looked striking, in off white shot silk, along with her bridesmaids x 3.

I was to receive some happy snaps from one of the guests, who shall remain nameless,  and who had promised to send me some, but they haven’t arrived, so I will have to rely on the word pictures above for this wedding, as I had left my digital in the car.