Tarn, the WA country borne girl and Geoff, the Irish lad were married at Sittella’s, just off Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley on a sunny Perth Day, and by me.

Sittella Cafe & Winery - Geoff & Tarn - 08032013Geoff’s parents and some other rellies and friends made the huge journey from Ireland, so a big effort for them.

I had met Tarn some 4 years prior when I was temping as I do, in one of the many local authorities that I work. She moved jobs but she never forgot that I was a Wedding Celebrant, so when her and the gorgeous Irishman decided to tie the knot, she went looking for me.

Interestingly, the romantic in me would think that Tarn went off “a travelling” and met Geoff in Ireland which sounds more romantic, but it was actually the other way round, where Geoff was the one travelling in a gap year and met Tarn, while she was holidaying in Cairns in Queensland, 8 years ago, (and still no less romantic), anyway. I understand that neither of them was expecting to fall in love., but as we all know, it happens when you are getting on with life. Initially bonding through a shared desire for travel, laughter, and exploring, being relaxed and wanting to just enjoy themselves.Perhaps they knew right then and there, that they were both in a bit of trouble…………in a nice way, of course.

Sittella Cafe & Winery - Geoff & Tarn.3 - 08032013And from those heady days of infatuation, Geoff followed Tarn to Perth where he stayed before finishing his around the world trip. Tarn then furiously saved to follow Geoff back to Ireland where she stayed happily for 3 years and then on Geoff’s suggestion,came back to Australia to live the Aussie lifestyle they both loved,  and that Geoff had fallen in love with those few years previous, to once again see and enjoy the beautiful blue skies of Perth and to finally make their home, here. And, they have never looked back.  Geoff,  proposed, and now they are ready to live “happily ever after, her in OZ.

Just a perfect pair, they made a very handsome couple.