On a perfect summer day, at the historic bushland setting, of Fairbridge Farm, I married Gavin Taylor and Judi Mills to each other. A great family affair it was, where the mother-in-law just loves her daughter, Judi’s choice of husband and Gav’s parents treat Judi like their own daughter. So, a matter of winning over the outlaws respectively and your future married life is confirmed, you would have to think.

After meeting these two and doing their paperwork, and after losing a little boy named River, sometime before, Judi says,”oh, and by the way, we are pregnant,” and the baby will only be around 6 weeks old when we marry. No pressure, at all, I thought. And they were blessed with the arrival of their little ray of sunshine, Ivy, who was in attendance as her parents married.

Having known each other for a few years as friends, this very down to earth, independent couple who enjoy the country way of life, 4WD driving and camping, decided to make things official in 2006 after realising what they had, was worth more than friendship. And of course, the rest is history.