I married the lovely couple Chris and Bec on what ended up being a fine, but windy day in November 2011 at the Old Swan Brewery on Mounts Bay Road, overlooking the Swan River.  Another lovely couple I have to say.

This first met at high school. There was not a sense that there was a connection between them, and they went their own ways in life. Oddly they say, there was an “azateric connection”, (the groom’s words here), being created that they were unaware of………..they shared the same friends and connections without ever meeting, they travelled the same places just missing one another, they worked in the same regions of the “far North” but never laid eyes on each other. All a mystery till such time as the universe pulled their two souls together, “not by mere chance” but by the connection of love, it is suggested.

They often laugh and reminisce with great fondness about their own teenage lives and their adolescent adventures remembering the events that happened, people they knew and places and parties they went to, and the craziness of it all, just living several blocks from one another. This connection with all its memories is something they say is comforting and in essence makes the bond between them closer.. How these two lovers came together full circle 25 years later to reacquaint is a gift they say has been given to them and one, they take with open hands and hearts. And from this day forward, they have begun writing up their next adventures together.

Bless you both and best wishes.

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Happy Days