The beautiful Bride with her Dad, Roy

 I married my husband,  John’s, English born  neice at Rosehill Country Club in South Guildford to her equally,  English beau Simon on Saturday 5  March 2011.  A very English wedding as you may expect.  Quite formal, yet in an Aussie way.  The bride was attended by her sister, Amy, from the UK and a friend of my husband,    Lisa and Simon’s Dad, Phil from the UK, and Simon’s, brother, Nick, all the way from Dubai.

In place of the bridal waltz, the Bride and Groom performed a bridal waltz choreographed by a friend of theirs, ( Clare has a degree in dance), while Simon performed at his best.  Not always easy, I have to say……………

John’s brother and Clare’s Dad and Mum Gill travelled from the UK, as well as Simon’s Mum, Liz.

A great night was had by all.

The Celebrant & her Beau on the day

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