I had a pretty clear “brief “, when Kristian and Clare asked me to be their Celebrant.  They wanted Clare’s brother Ben, who resides in Melbourne, to present the ceremony.  Which is fine, because under 46 of the Marriage Act, a lay person may perform the ceremony, as long as the Celebrant prepares the legal paper work, is in attendance on the day and time of the marriage ceremony, that he/she says the Celebrant Authority, that she/he hears the legal vows by the Bride and Groom ad that the relevant documentation is signed and registered at the BDM. I provided Ben with a framework and he wrote the ceremony, based on what  Clare and Kristian wanted. And Ben did a great job on the day. That he was used to presenting made it very easy, but I guess, the whole process is not for everyone to do.

So it made it  a really quirky, different and personal experience for Kristian and Clare which was what they wanted.  They were married in a room at the historic old Moore’s Building in Fremantle, which was adorned with art work, so again those word’s,  different and quirky come to mind again.

And yes, you guessed it, the Bride’s oufit was totally different with a “Princess Leia”, hood (from Star Wars movie fame)and her bridesmaids outfits were decidely different and multicoloured.  So, a very interesting wedding and nice to see the variation in style. The photographer Peter Dancewicz, from Absolute&Alive Photography, who was related to the Bride, was last heard saying, “Victoria, I can’t believe you didn’t say much, it was weird”, which for him, is like the pot calling the kettle, black.

The hood

Take a look at how this venue scrubs up - The moore's building

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