Point Peron Beach – Dan & Jess

Sometimes all the stars align for a couple, especially when you want to marry at a beach.  Such is the case for Dan and Jess,  a couple of weeks back in March 2016. Unkind weather had been threatening all week, but when I got down there on the day, I could not believe how balmy [...]

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Gavin and Judi Marry in the Grounds of Fairbridge Farm at Pinjarra

On a perfect summer day, at the historic bushland setting, of Fairbridge Farm, I married Gavin Taylor and Judi Mills to each other. A great family affair it was, where the mother-in-law just loves her daughter, Judi’s choice of husband and Gav’s parents treat Judi like their own daughter. So, a matter of winning over the [...]

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Cheralee & Matt – Woorooloo

Funny, I seem to end up at all of both these families weddings, the Slaters and the Gibbons, this particular wedding, held on the property of Matt's brother,  Jordan who lives on  a bush block in Woorooloo. Nothing traditional about this wedding as you can see. I am constantly amazed at how couple's can decorate  [...]

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Owain & Sharon – Narrogin

For a wedding "Celebrant in Perth", or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler I travelled to the wheatbelt town of Narrogin, some 3 hours from Perth to marry Owain and Sharon. I had married Sharon's Mum, Amanda and her new husband Greg, 6 years ago, so I was really thrilled to be asked [...]

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Brendan & Connor – Caversham House

I married the quietly confident couple Brendan and Connor on the beautiful steps of the Hidden Gardens of  Caversham House. They first met when teenagers at Lesmurdie High School. Enjoying each others company with friends it wasn’t truly until they were reintroduced years later by a mutual friend that sparks were evident. It was obvious to each [...]

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Chris & Carly – Brookleigh Estate

I  can tell you that Mr & Mrs Independence A K A,  Chris and  Carly,  who were both not necessarily looking for love, found it back,  in October 2007, when they both, for different reasons, attended a rodeo in Central Queensland. Chris was there kicking up his heels with his brother and mates [...]

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Zoe & David – Millbrook Winery Jarrahdale

  Wow.............In early November, I married the adventurous and cheeky Englishman, David to his laid back Aussie girl, Zoe, at the picturesque MILLBROOK Winery, at Jarrahdale, just off South West Highway.  A match made in heaven, some would say.  They were actually recommended to me by Michelle, their photographer, from Michelle Dean Photography,  [...]

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Kitty & Kai – The Burswood Shell – Burswood

On referral from another young Chinese couple I had married earlier in the year, I was  privileged to marry young Kitty and Kai to each other in the gardens at the Burswood Shell  with the backdrop of the swan sculpture in the background.  It is said, that "swans mate for life", so let's hope the [...]

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Diana & Jared – Sittella Cafe Winery

The Perth Wedding Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler,  married Jared and Diana recently. Being the free spirits that Jared & Diana are , arriving at Sittella's,  in the eclectic Swan Valley, just off Great Northern Highway, hand in hand, with each other, was the only way they would have it to celebrate the commencement of their life together as [...]

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James & Bronwyn – Heathcote Reserve

At Heathcote Reserve, at Applecross, overlooking the Canning River I married the Englishman,  James to the Aussie girl Bronwyn, who both now reside in London.  Primed as a fairly low key, relaxed and very informal, but still an elegant and intimate Ceremony, it was all that and more. Usually, I hear from couples, say 6 [...]

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