I knew when I had heard from the Kambalda  girl, Caryn to marry her soulmate in Rikk, that I was dealing with an interesting character, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I conducted their wedding ceremony at Don Cuthbertson Reserve, which I had never been to before, and to be honest, when you look at the photo you can see it is rather nice. And whilst I wrote most of the ceremony or at least gave her  a framework to work from, she put her own touch on it, and certainly for a nurse, she makes  a great wordsmith or writer.

The Birdcage

They were married in front of their two little boys, their respective parents, families and close friends.

After the wedding, Caryn wrote to me, saying, “we couldn’t have done it without you”, which in essence, she couldn’t,  because in terms of legality, everyone who gets married, requires a vicar, a reverend, a priest, rabbi, or Marriage Celebrant.  So, I was thrilled to help.

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