I was asked to officiate as the Wedding Celebrant, at the wedding of a close friend’s family,  a Latino couple, from Chile, South America, way back in June.  It was to be held at the bride’s brother’s, (Ceasear) back verandah in Hammy Hill.  Quite a small area, as I found out.  The wedding was supposed to be at around 5.00pm on a Friday afternoon, but by the time they were ready to roll, the dark clouds had rolled, in and at just about the time we started the ceremony, it poured down, hitting the corregated roof so hard, it basically drowned out my PA system and with all the young guests trying to crowd into this small area and me trying to not let the wedding documents get wet from the prevailing winds and rain and it continued to pelt down, until  long after I had left the reception at around 11.00pm, the degree of difficulty was high.  The weather bureau, said it was a once in a decade downpour……yeh, right…………..just what we needed.

But it did not deter our couple, young, free, pragmatic and vibrant, they just had fun and partied on regardless, as any well adjusted Latino couple would do.  And just happy to be married.

I probably don’t need to say much more, but here is one of the photos that I can show you. I probably could not show you too many more, as the couple, ended up having their first matromonial kiss on the verandah deck……….which was interesting to say the least.

The happy bride and groom!

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