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March 2016

Point Peron Beach – Dan & Jess

Sometimes all the stars align for a couple, especially when you want to marry at a beach.  Such is the case for Dan and Jess,  a couple of weeks back in March 2016. Unkind weather [...]

November 2015

Dale & Lauren marry at Caversham House in the Swan Valley

A routine visit by this groom, Dale, to the vets for his much loved dog, Bessie,  a few years back,  culminated   in him marrying Lauren, the beautiful vet nurse who looked after Bessie at [...]

October 2015

Gavin & Kaysey – Burswood Golf Club

I married, the golfing tragic Gavin to the beautiful Kaysey awhile back at what was then the Burswood Golf Club, (and is now a construction site………….unbelieveable,  the change). And no real surprise that this 1 [...]

February 2015

Gavin and Judi Marry in the Grounds of Fairbridge Farm at Pinjarra

On a perfect summer day, at the historic bushland setting, of Fairbridge Farm, I married Gavin Taylor and Judi Mills to each other. A great family affair it was, where the mother-in-law just loves her daughter, [...]

I married Jon and Kate at Caversham House at Easter

Who knows when the “love of your life” arrives in your life! I am always amazed at the stories I get told! Probably too much information at times, but I guess that just shows you [...]

January 2015

Domanique & Nathan tie the knot at the beautiful Matilda Bay Reserve, Nedlandss

I married Dom and Nath a little while ago at the Matilda Bay Reserve in what was a very pretty wedding day. Life is pretty amazing in how it brings a man and a woman [...]

October 2014

Geoff & Tarn marry at Sittella’s Winery – just off Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley

Tarn, the WA country borne girl and Geoff, the Irish lad were married at Sittella’s, just off Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley on a sunny Perth Day, and by me. Geoff’s parents and [...]

June 2014

The Swan Shell at Crown Casino Gardens – Darryl & Lisa

I married the very mild mannered Darryl to the vivacious and down to earth Lisa at the Swan Shell at Crown Casino. They met initially, as colleagues at work, and soon discovered that a great [...]

May 2014

Rosehill Country Club in South Guildford – Luke & Belinda

I married Luke and Belinda in a fun Ceremony at Rosehill Country Club.  Belinda surprised me,  mainly because she is straight-talking and very down to earth, and yet, she turns up at the wedding in [...]

Matilda Bay Reserve in Nedlands – Nino & Liz

Sometimes in life, you meet people who are slightly more eccentric or crazy than oneself.  Such is the case when I met Nino, and to a lesser extent Liz.  After a second go at getting [...]

Amberley Gardens situated on the southern exit of the Kwinana Freeway at Baldivis – Tiffany & Simon

I married the very quirky Tiffany and Simon at Amberley Gardens in what I would characterise as having a retro or vintage theme.  As I love that look, aesthetically , it was right up my [...]

April 2014

Carilley Estate Winery just off Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley Region of WA – of WA – Gavin and Ally

I married a young Kiwi couple on a very hot day at the Carrilley Estate Winery on the day after Valentines Day.  They initially met on New Year's Eve,  in Whangamata, (pronounced Funga ma ta)  [...]

Kidogo Arthouse Centre on Bathers Beach, Fremantle – Brett & Kirsty

Sometimes the opportunity of doing a different style of wedding ceremony comes across my desk. Such is the case for the wedding ceremony of Brett & Kirsty, where the couple asked if, Kirsty's mother, Christine, [...]

March 2014

Alana & Ben – on stage at the Cottesloe Civic Centre

I married Alana and Ben at the beautiful gardens of Cottesloe Civic Centre, on the stage area.  They have now just clicked over their first wedding anniversay, and still very much the honeymooners.  Sometimes, as [...]

February 2014

Mick & Sasha – The Swan Shell Burswood

I married the  strong, independent,  upfront,   thoroughly modern woman , Sasha, to Mick, the Chef,  a little while back. Sasha is a woman who knows her own mind, and what she did want was something [...]

Michelle & Rob – Bridgeleigh Reception Centre

I married my daughter Sarah-Jayne's friends, Michelle and Rob at Bridgeleigh Reception Centre, which is situated just off the Ocean Reef exit in Wanneroo.  One of my very best little secret venues in Perth, I [...]

Sandi & Bill – Faulkner Park Belmont

Sometimes as a Marriage Celebrant,  I meet some very real and interesting characters.  When I agreed to marry an ex pat Perth and also ex Pom, twice married already,  Sandi, on her 70th birthday,  who [...]

January 2014

Chris-Anne & Troy – Warnbro Dog Beach

Sometimes, I come across couples who make  a difference to how I provide my business. Their testimonial went a bit like the following". "OMG Victoria. You are AMAZEBALLS!!! If I had to do it all [...]

Dave & Tania – On the Charter Boat Moonlight Express

I married the FIFO workers Dave and Tania on the charter boat "Moonlight Express" a little while back. Degree of difficulty for any Celebrant's is quite high for this format of wedding. But just a [...]

December 2013

Zane & Chelsea – Balingup

I can 't believe it has been a bit over  a year when I presided over the wedding of Zane and Chelsea at her Uncle's home in downtown Balingup in early November. The weather had [...]

October 2013

Cheralee & Matt – Woorooloo

Funny, I seem to end up at all of both these families weddings, the Slaters and the Gibbons, this particular wedding, held on the property of Matt's brother,  Jordan who lives on  a bush block [...]

John & Cass – The Roundhouse, Fremantle

I had the chance to marry a couple, John and Cass, back in ????????? at the Roundhouse in Freo, and I have just received their photos. While very happy to be finally “tieing the knot”, [...]

August 2013

Loren and Luke – Matilda Bay Reserve

Marrying the lovely but very cheeky Luke to the equally lovely Loren at Matilda Bay Reserve in Nedlands was great fun. They married in front of their little girl Ella, who was their flowergirl. Westy’s,  [...]

July 2013

Medieval / Handfasting / Celtic / Goth / Pagan Wedding Ceremonies

So how does one start to build a wedding ceremony like any of the above?  As you are aware wedding ceremonies are initially written or wordsmithed, they are delivered and said which is a whole [...]

June 2013

Mike & Sarah – Sandalford Winery – Caversham

Sandalford Winery in the mercurial Swan Valley  is a beautiful venue. And even more beautiful for around only 2 weeks in spring when those cherry trees blossom.  And they peeked thru just in time for [...]

Leah & James – Sandalford Winery in Caversham

I married this Bride Leah's, Mother Shane and her husband Daryl a few years ago, in what was quite a remarkable and interesting wedding. See below-: So when Leah & James married at the lovely [...]

May 2013

Gareth & Narelle – UWA Sunken Gardens – Nedlands

My Bridegroom Gareth, took a huge leap of faith and moved to Perth from the UK for work and a sea change, a few years back. He was not looking for love, but found it [...]

April 2013

Linda & Ben – Harold Boas Park – West Perth

I married this lovely young couple, Ben and Linda,  from Burnie Tasmania at Harold Boas Park.  They came to Perth with their two little daughters to better their job prospects and they did that, but [...]

Legal Bits

Legal Bits to Getting Married for Bride’s & Grooms So, you have finally decided to set a date for your “big day”, ...............that is,  your wedding day.  Where to from here! If you are not [...]

John & Sarah – The Forrest Centre in the City

I married  a Geraldton couple, John and  Sarah, at the  Forrest Centre Reception Centre which is nestled in the heart of the CBD, tucked amongst some of Perth's most striking gardens and architecture. The Forrest [...]

March 2013

Helpful Hints

Note to Brides & Grooms and other Celebrants - Generally weddings are never perfect, unless you are so organised or you are getting married in a space that has everything on hand, and no chance [...]

Modernist Style Wedding Ceremonies

 Modernist Style So how does one start to build a wedding ceremony?  While wedding ceremonies are initially written or wordsmithed, they are delivered and said which is a whole lot different to just reading words [...]

Note to Self & Others

For a wedding Celebrant in Perth please contact Victoria Wheeler

Anthony & Cara – Heathcote Reserve – Applecross

It was my absolute pleasure not long ago to marry my very dear friend’s Patti & Steve’s son, Anthony  to Cara at Heathcote Reserve in Applecross. The weather was perfect, perhaps a little breeze, the [...]

February 2013

Samantha & Ryan – Hillarys Yacht Club

I married the young couple from Karratha, Ryan and Samantha at Hillarys Yacht Club a little while ago.  And when you view the photo, you can see the affect of our "see breeze".  It has such [...]

December 2012

Mindy & Anthony – Heathcote Reserve

On a perfect autumn day, St Patrick’s Day, in fact, on the headland at Heathcote, in Applecross,  I married Anthony  and Mindy.  And what more can a Bride and Groom ask for, than, to have their dream [...]

Lucinda & Matt – Ocean Reef Sports & FishingClub

 Matt & Lucinda, who currently live in at Uluru, working at the Yulara Resort there, chose to marry  on the headland at the Ocean Reef Sports Club, in WA with me as their Celebrant. And no accident [...]

November 2012

Simone & Gavin – Heathcote Reserve

I married Simone and Gavin at the picturesque Heathcote Reserve on a nice Perth day. Probably a couple who were reluctant they don't like all the fuss, but we got there. They met [...]

Jackie & Trent – Matilda Bay Reserve

Our couple, Travis and Jackie, who I officiated for here have navigated their way through the last six and a half years, modestly starting out as teenage sweethearts and bonded through a shared [...]

September 2012

Owain & Sharon – Narrogin

For a wedding "Celebrant in Perth", or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler I travelled to the wheatbelt town of Narrogin, some 3 hours from Perth to marry Owain and Sharon. I had [...]

Stuart & Savannah – Matilda Bay Foreshore

It always amazes me that couples from  vastly different countries meet and fall in love.  Such is the case with Stuart and Savannah.  Savannah was born here in Perth, her parents  were born in the Netherlands while [...]

Brendan & Connor – Caversham House

I married the quietly confident couple Brendan and Connor on the beautiful steps of the Hidden Gardens of  Caversham House. They first met when teenagers at Lesmurdie High School. Enjoying each others company with friends it wasn’t [...]

August 2012

Li Yan & Jason – On Board the Charter Boat – “Magellan”

  F"or a wedding Celebrant in Perth", or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler I had the privilege of marrying this couple, Jason and Li Yan on the Charter boat "Magellan", on the Swan River,  just [...]

July 2012

Jane & Trent – The Swan Shell @ Burswood

I was lucky enough to marry my daughter Sarah's lovely friend Jane and her husband Trent at the pretty Swan Shell area of the Burswood Casino. It was hot..........nothing new about that.  A quite [...]

Melissa & Mark – Cottesloe Civic Centre

Mark & Melissa chose the lower lawn at the gorgeous Cottesloe Civic Centre, overlooking the famous Indian Ocean to hold their wedding ceremony. Blue skies, azure blue water...........just gorgeous! So, how did this couple get together?  [...]

Testimonials – The Perth Wedding Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler

Blair & Erin "Blair and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your smooth running of our ceremony.  You did a great job, even though I stuffed up my vows." That happens [...]

Chris & Carly – Brookleigh Estate

I  can tell you that Mr & Mrs Independence A K A,  Chris and  Carly,  who were both not necessarily looking for love, found it back,  in October 2007, when they both, for [...]

June 2012

Allsorts happening

You could be excused for thinking that I have been  resting on my laurels since my daughter's wedding back in March, but seriously, I have done another 10 or so weddings  and spent four weeks [...]

March 2012

Dylan & Sarah-Jayne – Locke Park, East Fremantle

      “For a wedding Celebrant in Perth, or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler Well, ........................this Celebrant, had  a big day last Saturday with her youngest daughter,  Sarah-Jayne, marrying [...]

Blair & Erin – G O Edwards Park, Burswood

I was lucky enough to be selected as the Celebrant to marry the "Troy Donahue", look alike, Blair to his lovely Bride, Erin in the gazebo, at the G O Edwards Park in Burswood, and with [...]

February 2012

Monica & Jay – Faulkner Park – Belmont

  On a lovely sunny day  Jay’s many family travelled all the way from India, including his much loved Dad, who is a Doctor over there, to attend the marriage of his son [...]

January 2012

Cristian & Bec – The Old Swan Brewery

I married the lovely couple Chris and Bec on what ended up being a fine, but windy day in November 2011 at the Old Swan Brewery on Mounts Bay Road, overlooking the Swan River.  Another [...]

Zoe & David – Millbrook Winery Jarrahdale

  Wow.............In early November, I married the adventurous and cheeky Englishman, David to his laid back Aussie girl, Zoe, at the picturesque MILLBROOK Winery, at Jarrahdale, just off South West Highway.  A match [...]

December 2011

Nichole & Ben – Peel Manor House, Karnup

Hi All Ben & Nichole have been together for quite awhile.  They have had  a little boy together, and he is very much a part of this wedding ceremony today. This ceremony was held at [...]

Laura & Blair – Upper Reach Winery – Baskerville

Well, what a day for me as a Celebrant, as I watched Laura and Blair share their vows in marriage and I had a "wow",  of a time doing it.  The weather did threaten for a short [...]

November 2011

Katherine & Matt – The Hidden Gardens of Caversham House

On the day that Katherine and Matt married, at the Hidden Gardens of Caversham House, back in March 2011, I had left my camera in the car.  And for those who know the [...]

Sallyanne & Neil – Queen’s Gardens – East Perth

Also way back in June, I married Sallyanne and Neil at Queen's Garden's in East Perth. Marriage for these two was more than making a commitment to each other. In their own words, they had made that [...]

October 2011

Carolina & Mauricio – Hamilton Hill

I was asked to officiate as the Wedding Celebrant, at the wedding of a close friend's family,  a Latino couple, from Chile, South America, way back in June.  It was to be held at the [...]

Kitty & Kai – The Burswood Shell – Burswood

On referral from another young Chinese couple I had married earlier in the year, I was  privileged to marry young Kitty and Kai to each other in the gardens at the Burswood Shell  with the [...]

September 2011

Tracey & Leigh – Joondalup Resort

I married Leigh and Tracey at the delightful Joondalup Resort, off freeway north on a fairly hot May day.  Our couple's marriage was perhaps a "work in progress, after being together for some 11 years.............They [...]

Sarah & Willem – Peel Manor House

 I married Willem and Sarah at the lovely Peel Manor House, in Karnup, just of the southern end of the Kwinana Freeway, on May Day, 2011.  May 1st - traditionally a day of welcoming new beginnings, new [...]

August 2011

Terry & Simone – Ocean Reef Sea & Sports Club – Ocean Reef

I married Terry & Simone , on the headland at the Ocean Reef Sea & Sports Club on  a sunny Easter Saturday 2011. How did their  love story between this very laid back and fun couple [...]

Kylie & Kris – Brookleigh Estate – Upper Swan

I married the delightful young couple, Kylie & Kris,  in March 2011 at Brookleigh Estate, just off Great Northern Highway in Upper Swan, and I cannot tell how much I enjoyed the whole process of them [...]

July 2011

Amy & Dee – Chapel Farm, Middle Swan

I married Amy and Dee on a day in May, where the weather did not quite know what it was going to do, but as  good old "mother nature" would have it, around the presribed [...]

Rachael & James – Harold Boas Gardens

I married Rachael and James at the delightful Harold Boas Gardens on a gorgeous and sunny April day in 2011.  James and Rachael met and even dated some eight years ago ..........when they were teenagers..........."where they [...]

Diana & Jared – Sittella Cafe Winery

The Perth Wedding Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler,  married Jared and Diana recently. Being the free spirits that Jared & Diana are , arriving at Sittella's,  in the eclectic Swan Valley, just off Great Northern Highway, hand in [...]

Anna & Darren – King’s Park

Darren and Anna had a beautiful commitment ceremony in Koh Samui on the, 8th February 2010, and finally legally married in a beautiful favourite idyllic little spot of mine, (away from the madding crowds of King's Park, [...]

Kristian & Clare – The Old Moore’s Building, Fremantle

I had a pretty clear "brief ", when Kristian and Clare asked me to be their Celebrant.  They wanted Clare's brother Ben, who resides in Melbourne, to present the ceremony.  Which is fine, because under [...]

June 2011

Tiffany & Jason – UWA Sunken Gardens, Nedlands

I was privileged to marry another member of the Deery family in their only daughter, Tiffany, to her "big bear", husband Jason,  at the historic UWA Sunken Gardens in Nedlands.  And in doing [...]

Bethwyn & Chris – Canning River Reserve, Wilson

A park bench on the Canning River foreshore at Wilson, was the place where Chris proposed marriage to Bethwyn and so it was no accident that they were married in the same place on a [...]

May 2011

Will & Kathy – Adachi Park, Belmont

I married the loveliest, sweetest young  Chinese couple I have ever met the other week, at Adachi Park in Belmont, just off Great Eastern Highway at the bewitching hour of 6.30pm, Will & Kathy. And [...]

Helen & Mark – Hillarys Yacht Club

Red Bridesmaids - ooh la laMarrying my English husband John has certainly given me a more global look of the world.  I recently married young Helen and Mark, who came out to visit their English [...]

Melanie & Richard – Perth Bell Tower – Perth City

The Perth Bell Tower, at the Barrack Street jetty precinct,  is rapidly becoming a popular wedding ceremony venue for Perth couples, its unique and "one of",  features attracting them. And so I wed Richard to Melanie [...]

April 2011

Megan & Nathan – The Vines Resort

Nathan and Megan first met some 10 and a half years ago, when they were 21 and 20 respectively, and so this wedding has been a bit of a “work in progress”........................but as [...]

Clare & Simon – Rosehill Country Club, South Guildford

 I married my husband,  John's, English born  neice at Rosehill Country Club in South Guildford to her equally,  English beau Simon on Saturday 5  March 2011.  A very English wedding as you may expect.  Quite formal, [...]

Shannon & Trent – Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

I married Shannon and Trent at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens, situated at the end of the Mitchell Freeway on Wanneroo Road,  on just another............. hot Perth day in January, 2011. It was my  very first experience  at this particular  venue,  and [...]

Jess & Chad – Mulberry on Swan

Jess and Chad accidently met 5 years ago through mutual friends.  Perhaps it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, but certainly a slow smoulder, because with Jess living and working in Perth and Chad on [...]

March 2011

Sheelagh & Gary – Harold Boas Gardens

I officiated at the marriage of English couple, Sheelagh and Gary in the lovely gardens of Harold Boas in West Perth.  I had married the groom's step sibling a year earlier and unbeknowst to all [...]

Melanie & Steve – South Yunderup

Take a look at this venue. You probably could not have paid enough for the above venue that Steve and Mel had for their wedding day.  Situated on the canals in South Yunderup, [...]

Samantha & Nathan – Araluen Botanic Park

I conducted the wedding ceremony of Samantha and Nathan on Bennett’s Lawn at Araluen Botanic Park. Both Samantha and Nathan’s family have sat back and watched as they found their true soul mate, I am [...]

February 2011

James & Bronwyn – Heathcote Reserve

At Heathcote Reserve, at Applecross, overlooking the Canning River I married the Englishman,  James to the Aussie girl Bronwyn, who both now reside in London.  Primed as a fairly low key, relaxed and very informal, [...]

Rottnest Island – Jo & Simon

To preside over the wedding of Jo and Simon was an absolute dream for any Celebrant, let alone me. They were married overlooking one of the gorgeous bays of Rottnest, near the lighthouse at the [...]

January 2011

Caryn & Rikk – Don Cuthbertson Reserve – Coolongup

I knew when I had heard from the Kambalda  girl, Caryn to marry her soulmate in Rikk, that I was dealing with an interesting character, and I wasn't disappointed.  I conducted their wedding ceremony at Don Cuthbertson [...]

Wedding – Ashley & Elani # Perth Council Gardens

Elani and Ashley married at the City of Perth Council Gardens where I officiated as their Celebrant.  Elani, was attended by her sister, while Ashley's best mate from Canberra was his Best Man. [...]

Louise & Allan – Wedding at the Perth Zoo

An interesting concept......getting married at the Perth Zoo, amongst the orangutangs, monkeys, elephants and zebra............indeed all creatures great and small. The ceremony was held in the Japanese Garden section and was really pleasant, on what [...]

Brooke & John -Toodyay Town Hall

  So, often we focus on the Bride, so just thought I would focus on the Groom and his Merrymen, because they were such an interesting group of characters, as you can see.  [...]

Wedding – Penny & Brad – Queen’s Gardens

I conducted a wedding ceremony for Brad  and Penny at Queen's Gardens, in East Perth.  The relaxed wedding ceremony was flavoured with fun, frolic, only  a little bit of sentamentality and and an even smaller amount [...]

Rebecca & Daniel – Scented Gardens, South Perth

Daniel and Rebecca married at the lovely Scented Gardens of South Perth and I was the lucky Celebrant to marry them.Their wedding ceremony was short, and sweet and to the point. The Bride Rebecca,  looked fabulous in a [...]

December 2010

Melissa & Owen – Wedding Ceremony

I was very delighted to conduct the  wedding ceremony of Melissa and Owen at Melissa's parent's home in Waterloo, which for the uninitiated,  is near Bunbury.  It just happens that Melissa went to primary school with my youngest [...]

Cottesloe Civic Centre -Jessica & Michael

I conducted the wedding ceremony of Geraldton couple Jessica and Michael at Cottesloe Civic Centre recently.  They chose CCC firstly,  because they loved it, but also, because Michael's parents lived in Geraldton and Jessica's parents lived in [...]

Wai (Johnson) & Wen – at home wedding

I conducted a wedding ceremony at the Groom's parent's home in Leeming for Wai and Wen.  The wedding ceremony was a quiet affair, with a number of friends and Wai's parents, who opened up their home [...]

Martin & Christine – Heathcote Reserve – Applecross

I conducted a wedding ceremony at Heathcote Reserve, in Applecross,  for Martin  and Christine, who had travelled from Switzerland to be wed.  The wedding ceremony ......on a sunny day was a small fun family affair, with Christine's parents, [...]

November 2010

Tish & Paul – Kidogo Arthouse Centre – Fremantle

I conducted this wedding ceremony at Kidogo Arthouse Centre, on the beach front at Fremantle recently, between Tish and Paul on the 10th of the 10th 2010.  Tish did my flowers when I got married (Kiss [...]

September 2010

Wedding at The Vines of Bill and Milena

Wedding Ceremony at The Vines (Swan Valley) by Victoria Wheeler, Perth Wedding Celebrant.

August 2010

Daryl & Shane – Melbourne Hotel

Well, I had only arrived back in Perth from a holiday in the UK, on Friday the 23rd and needed to be ready for the wedding ceremony of Daryl and Shane the following day. And [...]

Adam & Amy – Bucketssland Road Farm, UK

My husband, John and I recently attended the wedding of his niece Amy and her new husband Adam, in Hertfordshire, England and I can tell you that  weddings are pretty universal around the world. That [...]

Phil & Ashley – Caversham House

What a handsome couple we saw in Phil and Ashley, as they took their vows in marriage on the steps of the Hidden Gardens at Caversham House. She was escorted there by her Dad Lee, [...]

Johnno & Stef – Cottesloe Civic Centre

Our couple Johnno & Stef, both musicians, very theatrical and creative,  may have taken a couple of tries to finally be married, but they did not disappoint and certainly their wedding day had that........... WOW [...]

June 2010

Vedo & Jasmina – Joondalup Resort

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a wedding rehearsal,  preferably, on site,  for your special day. This wedding was a great example of that,  when Vedo and Jasmina were wed at [...]

May 2010

Ben & Kylie – Trigg Beach – 30 April 2010

The white sand, a craggy rocky outcrop, beautiful sea blue water and clear blue skies at Trigg Beach were the backdrops  that we had to work from for the beach wedding of Ben and Kylie [...]

Mark & Lisa – Glorivale Orchard, Bindoon – 24 April, 2010

They say that there is only 6 degrees  (although, I think it is getting more like 2 degree) that separates us all, and that for every 6 people you meet, they know someone that [...]

Sarah & Bryan – Hyde Park – 17 April, 2010

I received a blast from the past in February from a young lady who my eldest daughter, Ash,  had gone to high school with at Como Senior High, who had remembered that I [...]

Sherri & Ash – Smirk Heritage Cottage – 11 April, 2010

Our couple, Ash and Sherri chose Smirk Heritage Cottage, in Beacham Road, Medina for their recent nuptials. And what a cute little place for an intimate and pleasant outdoor wedding ceremony.  It is an old [...]

Sam & Colleen – UWA Sunken Gardens – 10 April, 2010

UWA Sunken Gardens  in Nedlands, had recovered somewhat from the hail storm that hit Perth on the 22 March, 2010 by the time Sam and Colleen walked down the aisle to their new married life. [...]

Jonathan & Bridie – Caversham House – Easter Sunday 2010

Another wedding for me out at the wonderful Caversham House, funnily enough in downtown, Caversham, for an Easter Bride and Groom.  Weather was fine.  The bride, Bridie, “pardon the pun”,  looking beautiful, as I suspected, [...]

April 2010

Karen & Michael – Bishop Road Reserve – Easter Saturday, 3 April, 2010

To say that we were not concerned about the force of the Fremantle Doctor at this headland venue on the Swan River, at Dalkeith,  in the City of Nedlands, was an understatement, but while there [...]

Gregor & Jae – The Swan Bells at the Belltower – 28 March, 2010

Scottish by heritage , many a year or two ago, I was very pleased and thrilled to marry, Gregor, a Scottish lad, to his Aussie wife, Jae.  Jae met Gregor, while he was on a [...]

Andrew & Karrie – Subiaco Common – 27 March, 2010

Andrew & Karrie married at one of the best kept wedding venues in Perth - Subiaco Common.  Funnily enough my youngest daughter, Sarah, moved to Geraldton last September and found herself working with Andrew who [...]

Georgia & Darcy – Cottesloe Civic Centre – 26 March, 2010

Darcy and Georgia, as their names may suggest, made a very handsome couple on the day they married at the Cottesloe Civic Centre.  Darcy, with his unshaven swarthy look and Georgia, in  a floor length, cream, [...]

Jade & Natalie – UWA Sunken Gardens – 21 March, 2010

Jade and Natalie - a couple who were very quiet and never  a made a fuss about anything, but how they shone on the day they were married.  Natalie made her entrance with their beautiful [...]

March 2010

Sarah & Paul – Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club – 19 March, 2010

If ever there was a "perfect match", of a couple it would have to be Sarah and Paul, who married at the very salubrious Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, at Peppermint Grove, recently. Paul is [...]

Suzie & Mick – Saracen Estates – Margaret River – 13 March, 2010

I am so lucky to do the job I do, not only because I love doing it, but I do sometimes get the chance to do a wedding and travel away for a weekender, with my [...]

Sue & Gerard – Matilda Bay Foreshore – 6 March, 2010

And another lovely couple - the blonde haired handsome Gerard, from the Netherlands, and Sue, who was born in Zimbabwe, had moved to Perth with her parent when she was younger, but had lived in [...]

Sarah & David – Quarantine Park – 6 March, 2010

I very much enjoyed doing this ceremony for David & Sarah because this couple had just made the quantum leap to emigrate to Perth, from the UK , to join Sarah's parents, Pete and Denise . [...]

Jesse & Jenna – The Swan Shell – 28 February, 2010

Jessie & Jenna! What can I say! These two lived the fairy tale on the day they married.  They are young, good looking, with their  6 Bridesmaids and 6 Groomsmen all looking stunning, young and [...]

Chelsea & Brendon – Cottesloe Civic Centre – 27 February 2010

The world really is a small place.  On this day I married a young girl, who is the daughter of another girl who I went to primary school with for a short while and who I [...]

Michelle & Marty – Mrs & Mrs B – Bonney’s WA Water Ski Park

Well, sometimes in this life you come across people that will remain part of your life,  or who, at least will weave in and out of it.  Such is the case for M & M.  [...]

Thuan & Leena – Cottesloe Civic Centre

Thuan & Leena were married amongst the stonemasonry and gardens of the famous Cottesloe Civic Centre,  at Cottesloe, in front of  60 family and friends. The Bride looked beautiful, The groom a Star, their 3 [...]

Jason & Rebecca – Munja Gardens at Karnup

A family affair, children and all, were the order of the day.  Jason was nervous only in that he had to organise everyone.  The weather was lovely.  Rebecca arrived down the beautiful sandstone stairs of [...]

February 2010

Cameron & Melanie – Harold Boas Gardens

Another weekend, another Bride & Groom. The Bride arrived on time at Harold Boas Gardens (West Perth) escorted by her very proud parents, with a big smile that never left her face throughout the ceremony.  [...]

Leanne & Cliff – King’s Park

As a Wedding Celebrant in Perth, I performed quite an unuusual wedding during the week,............ this week. I was working at my "day job" in Nedlands and so just  "popped out in my lunch break", [...]

Kim & Jeff at The Old Swan Brewery

What a perfect day Saturday the 6th, 2010 was.  Perfect for our couple who I was the Wedding Celebrant for, in that it was their wedding day, but more than that the weather was ideal.  No [...]

January 2010

Victoria-What a Celebrant does when she isn’t being a Celebrant

What does the Celebrant, Victoria Wheeler, do when she isn't being a Celebrant.  Well lots, really.  First there was a Mad Hatters New Year's party at their English friend's Lisa and Steve's home in Tapping [...]

Kim & John – Wedding – Caversham House

As a Celebrant I make an awful photographer, but I am learningI arrived at Caversham House, (and I must say, to one of the best kept secrets in Perth) if you don't happen to be in [...]

Kendall & Kevin – Wedding – Pt Walter Reserve

After a couple of weeks of extreme weather our Bride and Groom awoke to perfect weather for their big day.  As we were mingling I noticed two black swans glide on by in the waters behind [...]

Magda & Karol – The Cottesloe Arch

Morroccan linen and shades of lemon, frangipanis, candles and the Fremantle Doctor  were the order of the day as Magda and Karol, "tied the knot" at the mystical Arch at Cottesloe, at sunset, overlooking [...]

Rebecca & Andrew – Sandalford Winery

A frantic email from Andrew saying I am so glad I have found you to marry me and my lovely fiancee, Rebecca.  We had met at a work assignment some years before.  And [...]

Amber and Jason’s Wedding at Caversham House

Well, the weather was looking a little menacing earlier in the week, but as I drove to Caversham House on Amber and Jason's wedding day, I knew everything would be fine, although according to the Bureau [...]

Michelle & James Wedding – Albany

Well, I had already been the Celebrant to Michelle's two sisters, so it was perfect timing that, one, I was very happy to travel to Albany to marry her and James and, two, I was available. [...]

Sarah & Simon’s Wedding – The Swan Shell

Sometimes, love taps you on the shoulder in the most mysterious of ways and often it is just a “chance encounter” that you meet that one special person in your life.  And one of those [...]