I was lucky enough to be selected as the Celebrant to marry the “Troy Donahue”, look alike, Blair to his lovely Bride, Erin in the gazebo, at the G O Edwards Park in Burswood, and with the vows of ” may our love be modern enough to survive the times and old fashioned enough to last forever”, they were well and truly, “hitched”.  Those delightful words  were penned by Blair. What a great couple!

I can tell you that Erin’s family and friends have sat back and watched as she finally found her soul mate in Blair, which has just been wonderful for all concerned.  And looking at Blair’s parents, his family and mates, on the day, with such big smiles of happiness, it was  just as terrific for him, too. Perhaps, they had thought they may never see the day!

And there was one other very special young lady who is an integral  part of this marriage and that was Miss Rylee, who, was the flower girl, and who I hear adds lots of colour and interesting times to what has become  one of Perth’s newest nuclear family.  

I received  a lovely email from them,  to say, ” thank you so much for a smooth running ceremony. and you did a great job”.  Well, that’s my job, to make sure all of that happens and my pleasure, Mr & Mrs.

Best wishes to you both.

"In the dark"

Bride with Dad

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