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Helpful Hints

Note to Brides & Grooms and other Celebrants - Generally weddings are never perfect, unless you are so organised or you are getting married in a space that has everything on hand, and no chance of stuff ups. Note to self.............be overly careful when working around water and wind...........see previous blog where couple's Certificate of [...]

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Modernist Style Wedding Ceremonies

 Modernist Style So how does one start to build a wedding ceremony?  While wedding ceremonies are initially written or wordsmithed, they are delivered and said which is a whole lot different to just reading words on a page. And I often say to my couples, the Celebrant is only as good as the talent they [...]

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Note to Self & Others

For a wedding Celebrant in Perth please contact Victoria Wheeler

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Anthony & Cara – Heathcote Reserve – Applecross

It was my absolute pleasure not long ago to marry my very dear friend’s Patti & Steve’s son, Anthony  to Cara at Heathcote Reserve in Applecross. The weather was perfect, perhaps a little breeze, the birds were singing, the bride looking beautiful in strapless off white, bridesmaids x 3,   in a nude colour and the [...]

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Samantha & Ryan – Hillarys Yacht Club

I married the young couple from Karratha, Ryan and Samantha at Hillarys Yacht Club a little while ago.  And when you view the photo, you can see the affect of our "see breeze".  It has such force some days even when the weather is hot.  And it waits for no-one and is not selective. But that [...]

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Mindy & Anthony – Heathcote Reserve

On a perfect autumn day, St Patrick’s Day, in fact, on the headland at Heathcote, in Applecross,  I married Anthony  and Mindy.  And what more can a Bride and Groom ask for, than, to have their dream wedding – albeit, elegant, yet, real and relaxed, with some fun,  in the sunshine with the backdrop of the Canning [...]

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Lucinda & Matt – Ocean Reef Sports & FishingClub

 Matt & Lucinda, who currently live in at Uluru, working at the Yulara Resort there, chose to marry  on the headland at the Ocean Reef Sports Club, in WA with me as their Celebrant. And no accident that they chose St Pat's Day to marry, as they both have a huge dose of fun and humour. Love [...]

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Simone & Gavin – Heathcote Reserve

I married Simone and Gavin at the picturesque Heathcote Reserve on a nice Perth day. Probably a couple who were reluctant marriers................as they don't like all the fuss, but we got there. They met many years ago and although at the time their lives took different paths, over the years they often crossed paths [...]

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Jackie & Trent – Matilda Bay Reserve

Our couple, Travis and Jackie, who I officiated for here have navigated their way through the last six and a half years, modestly starting out as teenage sweethearts and bonded through a shared desire for independence and individuality.  And we then cut to that very romantic proposal in February 2009, on a weekender, [...]

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Owain & Sharon – Narrogin

For a wedding "Celebrant in Perth", or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler I travelled to the wheatbelt town of Narrogin, some 3 hours from Perth to marry Owain and Sharon. I had married Sharon's Mum, Amanda and her new husband Greg, 6 years ago, so I was really thrilled to be asked [...]

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