Darren and Anna had a beautiful commitment ceremony in Koh Samui on the, 8th February 2010, and finally legally married in a beautiful favourite idyllic little spot of mine, (away from the madding crowds of King’s Park, itself)  to fulfil the legal requirements of marriage here in Australia.

I understand that Anna & Darren’s ceremony in Koh Samui would have been an extravaganza, but I feel that in another way, this was just as lovely…………..amongst the bush plants of Kings Park, with a baby kookaburra, making a raucous kookaburra noise, just as the couple finished their vows and exchanged their rings, (as if to say, good on ya). We all laughed!  We did though, have to wait for the Groom’s  brother to get out of bed because he was one of the witnesses while Anna’s much loved Mum from Tasmania provided the other witness.  So, quite  a humourous morning really.  They were last seen making their way up to Frazer’s for lunch. best wishes to you both for  a long and happy marriage.

Darren & Anna - Legally married

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