Subiaco Common - 002 - Andrew & Karrie

Andrew & Karrie married at one of the best kept wedding venues in Perth – Subiaco Common.  Funnily enough my youngest daughter, Sarah, moved to Geraldton last September and found herself working with Andrew who was looking for a Celebrant in Perth and she mentioned that her Mum was a Celebrant.  As John and I were heading up to visit Sarah and her boyfriend Dylan in mid December, we scheduled a meeting and the rest is history.

But back to the wedding, both being quite independent and definite about what they wanted in a ceremony, and had gotten over having the ceremony that perhaps everyone else wanted them to have, they didn’t have attendants in the usual sense, but she arrived en masse, with Mum and Dad, and 6 gorgeous girlfriends who sasheed down the promenade of the Common, like they had just walked down the catwalks of Milan.

I had written a draft ceremony and said, “make it yours”, which they did, with only  a few changes here and there, and voila……….they had the ceremony that they had wished for which reflected their personalities and their love for each other.

And how handsome were they? ………………….Take  a look at my happy snap!

The B & G and the Wedding Celebrant

The B & G and the Wedding Celebrant