I married the very quirky Tiffany and Simon at Amberley Gardens in what I would characterise as having a retro or vintage theme.  As I love that look, aesthetically , it was right up my alley,  you could say.

Tiffany was walked down the aisle by her father to the great sounds of Louis Armstrong with “When You’re Smiling”, again melding in the years of swing and jazz to complement the theme of this wedding.

Our couple fell in love, and bonded through a shared desire for laughter, being relaxed and wanting to enjoy themselves, independence, individualism and music. Together they bonded on having very similar views on life, both very much free spirits, they take people for what and who they are, they are both passionate about social justice and love the outdoors.

You can see it was quite quirky!

Amberley Gardens - Simon & Tiffany - 230213

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