I married Alana and Ben at the beautiful gardens of Cottesloe Civic Centre, on the stage area.  They have now just clicked over their first wedding anniversay, and still very much the honeymooners.

 Sometimes, as a Wedding Celebrant, I am a privileged witness and hear some really funny stories as to how couples’ meet.  Such was the case here.

 This couple’s big moment came about when Ben laid eyes on Alana around 14 years ago whilst at a friend’s birthday pub crawl at the Leederville Hotel when they were both only 18. So, a work in progress, Ben! And a priceless and eventful meeting, it was, from all accounts.  When it came to Ben actually asking Alana to be his girlfriend, typical of her cheeky approach to life, she said, “Yes, we will see how it goes, hey!” And I can tell you right here and now, that those words have and will come back to haunt her forever.

You could then, just imagine how the proposal went couldn’t you! ……………Here goes!

Now famous proposal after dinner at Cottesloe Beach on the 28th October 2011, where, here was Ben, on bended knee (pardon the pun), when he told Alana how much he loved her and asked, “Will you marry me?……..You could just about guess what happened…of course she said Yes!…, “we’ll see how it goes”, and then she cracked up laughing!

Cottesloe Civic Centre - Alana & Ben - 180910

 Do a lot of serious kissing these two!

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