The stunning bride arriving with her Dad, Lloyd



Meet my new handsome son-in-law, Dylan

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Well, ……………………this Celebrant, had  a big day last Saturday with her youngest daughter,  Sarah-Jayne, marrying her beau, Dylan after a decade long romance.  Perhaps we never thought it would happen, but very happy it did.

The weather was just right, The Celebrant was just right for them, (and no it was not me, I just wanted to be the mother-of-the bride for a change),  and in essence everything was just right. Sarah looked absolutely breathtaking, not surprising, as she is her mother’s daughter, and I was so proud of Dylan, as normally he is quite a quiet fella,  and a man of few words, but the way he handled himself and the Bridegroom’s speech he gave, I am could not be prouder of him,  too.

Sarah’s friends from Geraldton, Kate and Ashton, from Lace Weddings Geraldton, did much of the theming and provided the detail, (Kate is a trained graphic designer so she designed everything in Tiffany Blue, (of course ) the invites, the table pieces,  and also did the photos and absolutely made the kid’s day for them.  She even designed a couple of stubbie holders which just encapsulated Sarah and Dylan’s journey, particularly one for the guys, which referred to their kelpie dog……Dinkum…………and the words, “ding dong”, which is  a classic saying of Dylans…………so a lot of fun.

Take  a peek at the set up done by Lace Weddings Geraldton, at the Fremantle Sailing Club.

Set-up - Fremantle Sailing Club

So, if you want a very special wedding like Sarah’s,  contact Kate and Ashton at Lace.

The happy couple, have headed off back already  to continue their married life in Newman, (no time for much of a honeymoon) with Sarah about to embark on her new career as a Haulpak driver, so watch this space.  When you look at the photos of Sarah as a bride, one cannot  imagine her doing that…………….but she wanted a change in her work life………………and so here it is. She has swapped stilettos and skirts, to red dirt, high visy clothing and work boots………….

And look, here is that mother-of-the-bride-:

Mother-of-the-Bride still directing traffic

While the photos here may not be as good as Kate’s, thank you to my husband John for being our own personal photographer. And while I am speaking about hubby, here’s  a photo of us, for John’s family to view from Hertfordshire in the UK.  Enjoy!

John & Victoria Wheeler at the Fremantle Sailing Club

Best wishes Mr & Mrs Dylan & Sarah Morgan.

For a wedding Celebrant in Perth, or near you, please contact Victoria Wheeler