Sometimes as a Marriage Celebrant,  I meet some very real and interesting characters.  When I agreed to marry an ex pat Perth and also ex Pom, twice married already,  Sandi, on her 70th birthday,  who now lives in Alicante in Spain,  to Bill, I knew,  I was going to probably be in a bit of trouble and have a lot of fun, and such was the case.  Absolute character she was and still is,  complimented by the debonair Bill.  She so could not sit still, and when I spoke to her just recently, they had been off doing more travelling, she had lost her beloved brother that was a bit sad for her, and from memory, she had just had a hip or knee reconstruction.

And typical of Sandi, no white dress for her, …………………….but black and red, and classy long red gloves.  They married at Faulkner Park in Belmont, close to where family were living.Bill seen here having a celebratory drink.

Faulkner Park - Sandie & Bill.4jpg

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Victoria at Sandie & Bills

 I went to the reception and had a quiet chardonnay (never quiet really) among their friends and family.